Automating the required steps needed to utilize the NFT and P2E rewards mechanisms


Space ExVer introduces an innovative dynamic rewarding mechanism for NFTs that redefines the way investors interact with NFTs while utilizing farming, staking and play-to-earn (P2E) principles. Space ExVer has improved multiple traditional earning methods via gamification, allowing investors to earn through these methods in a frictionless way by presenting them in a simple and understandable form. As a result, earning from NFTs becomes a fun and seamless user experience without the need for having a technical detailed background knowledge of NFTs or cryptocurrency

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While it is already possible to earn on NFTs, frictionless earning on NFTs does not yet exist. Currently, claiming earnings is oftentimes cumbersome, requiring action from investors to capitalize on their earnings. This raises the entry barrier for the masses and unnecessarily hinders true and full NFT adoption. Furthermore, in general, NFTs are scaled into several rarity tiers and the tier in which the NFT resides never changes. Rarity invented, defined, and dictated by man imposes additional limits on potential.

Space ExVer creates a mechanism whereby investors can obtain ongoing yield and dividends from NFTs without having to sell their NFTs. This is accomplished through a dynamic rewards mechanism which takes several factors into account in determining profitability


Every Space ExVer starts as an ball! Holders will have to stake the ball in the Space ExVer marketplace until it hatches into a baby Space ExVer can be fed $SPEX tokens which activate earnings at a basic APY and then can be fed more to unlock additional rewards. When feeding the NFTs $SPEX tokens, 75% are sent to the rewards pool to replenish it and 25% are burned to positively impact the chart. More details on the gaming concept will be provided when the P2E games are closer to being unveiled, but for now, to get an impression of the idea, we give a short description


The gameplay experience will be like flying through the planet’s upper stratosphere and engaging with threats from space. For example, when deployed on Mars, you could fight a battle against outer planetary enemies. You could defend Earth against invaders from Venus and Mars. Space ExVer can be deployed to a planet for a “service period” and pledge to defend the planet for 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 12 months etc. Each planet will have a pool of NFTs to be awarded through gameplay that can only be acquired on that planet. Each planet also has its own reward pool from the sale of NFTs on that planet. If you, as an investor, are pledged to a planet, you will receive a share of the rewards pool according to the length of your pledge and contribution. For anyone that is familiar with the Nintendo game Star Fox, the experience of the Space ExVer P2E game will be something similar, but will have some extra hypermodern dimensions to it

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